Women More Commitment Phobic Than Men

4:00 PM, Mar 28, 2013   |    comments
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San Francisco, CA -- We all know those hot and steamy, quick love, awe struck romantic relationships. But just the same, we also know heart ache.

But despite what you think you know about men or women, you could have it all wrong. What you're about to read could change your dating life.

Most women would agree men are the ones with commitment issues, but according to a Zoosk and Glamour survey,that could be just the opposite. More than 2,500 single men and women took the survey that reveals some eye-opening results.

When it comes to couple status, 42 percent of men prefer to make a relationship official after a couple good dates, while 35 percent of women prefer to wait at least a few months.

Once you're in that relationship, you know just how important it is to get the "friends approval." At least 56 percent of men said they would introduce someone they're dating after 1 to 5 dates. However, women seem a little bit more guarded in this area with only 40 percent who said the same. But the meet and greet with friends could take a while longer as twice as many women (22.9 percent) compared to men (10.4 percent) said they would wait at least a few months to do so.

On the issue of moving in, women are more guarded with 68 percent who said it was hard to put a timeframe on when to exchange keys, compared to 65 percent of men who said the same. The survey also revealed women were twice as likely, compared to men, to admit the time was never.

So what about the issue of under the covers? The survey revealed when it comes to the Golden Rule of waiting three dates before sex, 42 percent of men were on board, while 53 percent of women said they prefer to wait until its "official."

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