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Mysterious Pond Circles Build Viral Buzz

7:54 AM, Mar 25, 2013   |    comments
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Eden, NY (WGRZ) -- A mystery of sorts has unfolded in the backyard of one of our viewers in Eden. It happened Friday evening as Peggy Gervase was looking out from the deck of her home at a nearby pond.

She spotted what appeared to be a series of concentric circles that had opened in the snow covering the pond. It almost resembled the unusual phenomena known as crop circles. But again this occurred on the surface of a pond.

Gervase posted pictures on Facebook and with a link on the WGRZ Facebook page, there were nearly 40,000 views with more than 200 comments. They contained explanations of what may have caused it. They included everything from underground springs to melting ice, meteors, methane gas, gas expelled by fish and ducks, and of course aliens.

Gervase told WGRZ she did not see any strange lights in the skies but she did put up with some bizarre questioning by 2 On Your Side's Ron Plants.

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