CVS Policy Requires Employees To Reveal Weight Monthly Or Pay More For Health Coverage

12:35 PM, Mar 21, 2013   |    comments
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Houston, TX (KHOU) -- It's a number most people don't want to share; their weight. CVS Pharmacy employees are told that they have to share their weight or pay a fine, according to a new health policy for nearly all of its 200,000 employees.

The policy under its health plan requires employees to submit health information monthly or pay more for coverage. They must share their weight, body fat, glucose levels, and other vitals with the company. If not, they pay an extra $50 a month or $600 a year for health coverage.

Right now CVS does not make their employees change their diets, but they still must get health screenings under the policy. A release from CVS, obtained by KHOU, stated "The additional cost is the best incentive for employees to improve their health care and manage costs."

Those against it worry it's an issue of privacy and unhealthy employees could lose their jobs. While those for it believe it helps employees take personal responsibility over their bodies and health.


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