Senior Ice Hockey League, Gerihatricks, Get Recognition On The Ice In Laurel, MD

3:24 PM, Mar 21, 2013   |    comments
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Laurel, MD --  They are lean and mean on the ice and a group all their own. The players who make up an ice hockey league called the "Geri-Hatricks," range in age from 68 to 86.

You'll do a double take of the "Geri-Hatricks" logo showing a hockey stick getting crunched by a pair of dentures. For the guys who play on the ice, age doesn't matter. It's about doing something they love, hanging out with the guys, and staying in shape. 

No, they might not look like the NHL players and there's no slamming into the boards but that doesn't mean a thing when you ask them as Chip Reid with CBS did while talking with Jim Newell, the scorekeeper, and a player.

"So there's no slamming into the boards here?" "No." "Nobody checking." "Why not?"

"They got too much arthritis. Too much arthritis, said Newell. But player Marv Stocker chimed in saying, "We all have it. I'd like to know who doesn't have it!"

Marv is a Vietnam Veteran and a retired marketing executive who turns 70 next month. He says he won't let injuries old or new stand in his way. 

"I've had a couple bypass surgeries five stents a knee replacement and right now I'm playing with two broken ribs. Aside from that I feel great," Stocker said.

Even though Marv's bypass surgery was ten years ago he says, like the game, he keeps, going. "I guess you could say this is keeping you alive? I think it is. I really think it is."

Frank Early, 75, was an iron worker and you might even call him iron on the ice. Like Marv, Early has had his fare share of heart scares with a couple of heart attacks and a bypass but according to his daughter, Trina Early, doctors said, ice hockey keeps her father going.

"This is what he loves to do and if he's gonna go out that way, what greater pleasure than to see him do something he loves so much," said Trina Early.

During one of the games it went into overtime despite a few tired players. For them sudden death is not something they want to joke about but it's what you do during a five minute overtime when sudden death, first goal wins.

Even though the group of guys are all from different walks of life when they're on the ice, they're all the same. They won't let age slow them down for a second.


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