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$3 Bowl From Garage Sale Goes For Over $2 Million At Auciton

10:22 PM, Mar 20, 2013   |    comments
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-- It has bargain hunters revving up their rummaging.  They're Inspired by an unidentified upstate New York family, turning pennies into millions of dollars. 

A simple looking small ceramic bowl, picked up at a garage sale for just three dollars, and was sitting in the living room for six years.

Someone suggested checking it out and what came back bowled them over. Turns out it is a Chinese masterpiece and it just sold for a whopping two-point-two million dollars.

The sale was held Tuesday at Sotheby's New York Auction House. The four-way-bidding war was won by Giuseppe Eskenazi, a London art dealer with deep pockets.

Now he has the bowl, dating back to the 10th or 11th century. And the bargain hunters are millionaires.

This month we've seen other trash to treasure stories. Like this startling garage find at a house in Long Island, a treasure trove of abstract impressionist art worth $30 million.

Or this coin, an Australian "Holey Dollar" that fetched more than a half-million dollars at auction. 

"The thing about doing tag sales and garage sales is you don't know what you have," says Adam Hutter of Hutter Auction Galleries.

You never know. Your gold mine could be hiding in plain sight in your own home.


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