Greensboro ACME Comics Is moving, Die Hard Fans Camp Out

11:36 PM, Feb 28, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC-- In a single bound, Acme Comics in Greensboro is opening at a new location and not without fanfare.

Pictures captured today, show fans already camped out for the opening on Friday morning, because they want to be the first ones in the new store! Some have been there since Wednesday.

The fans didn't have to go far from the current store to camp out, the new store is right next door on Lawndale Drive.

Brian Ewing, a spokesman for the store, says it's clear you've earned customer loyalty when they camp out in below-freezing temperatures for two days just to be the first to shop at your new store.

Greensboro residents Jordan Morris and James Rudder huddled together in a tent Wednesday night to ensure they'll be the first customers at Acme Comics Presents, the latest venture by North Carolina comic book retailing juggernaut Acme Comics.

Unlike it's big brother store, Acme Comics Presents will have a limited stock of comic books and graphic novels when it opens Friday. Instead, shop creators Jermaine Exum and Stephen Mayer are focusing on geek culture by offering clothing, original art prints, creative how-to items and specialty items like guitars featuring some of the best loved comic book heroes.

"We've been very fortunate," said Mayer. "While most retailers have struggled in this economy we've seen growth and excitement about our products. We get new customers - kids and adults - everyday coming into Acme Comics for the first time. Some of them don't buy comic books regularly but they love the culture and want the t-shirts or the posters or the toys, so Acme Comics Presents is just a really natural evolution for us."

Acme Comics Presents will be located at 2148 Lawndale Dr., just next door to the old store, Acme Comics. The shop is smaller, about 1,500 square feet, and will be open 10 a.m.- 7p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

Source: J. Brian Ewing

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