Cell Phones Everywhere Are We Addicted?

7:09 PM, Feb 22, 2013   |    comments
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Little Rock, Arkansas-- Many schools don't allow teenagers to use their cell phones during school hours, but that doesn't mean they're not on it when they wake up, before class and after school.

Jackson Fitzgibbon and Alaina Grundy agreed to no texting or social media for five days.

"I freaked out because I'm always on Instagram," said Fitzgibbon.

"I'm thinking texting will be the hardest. I don't have a Twitter. I have an Instagram and a Facebook," said Grundy.

We checked on Grundy and Fitzgibbon on Day 4. Grundy said, leaving behind social media was a little frustrating.

"I made a funny video and wanted to post it on Facebook," said Grundy.

"He's struggling with it. It's hard when the rest of us are on it," said Mindy Fitzgibbon, Jackson's mother.

If anything, they learned how dependent they are on their phones.

"It's not food, water, shelter, or love. It's not your needs. It could help you find food, water, shelter and love," said Fitzgibbon.

Not only teens, but many adults are addicted to their cell phones. THV 11's Pam Baccam spied on people having lunch and peeking at their cell phones between bites.

"I have one phone for work. I have the other phone, my personal phone, and text with this one," said Layne Mason who was on his phone several times during a date with his wife.

"I was on my phone and doing texting, just looking at Facebook; doing the normal things that I do," said Mason.

Cell phones at dinner are normal these days.

"I was texting my brother about a family dinner," said Diane Bowland.

Bowland picked up her phone once while bonding with her daughter. She doesn't think she's addicted.

"There will be three or four people in a group texting even though conversation is going on at the same time," said Bowland.

Jacobi Webb admited she's addicted to her phone.

"I think I would die," said Webb. "I'm serious. I do everything on my phone."

There are more cell phones being used in the United States than there are people.
The trade group CTIA tracks cell phone statistics and found there are 322 million cell phones compared to our population of just 315 million.

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