Bus Drives Wrong Way On Denver Highway

10:39 AM, Feb 20, 2013   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: Denver Bus Drives Wrong Way On Highway
Courtesy KUSA.

Denver, CO (KUSA) -- An RTD driver who started in December was cited by Denver Police for careless driving after driving the wrong way in the HOV lanes of I-25 just north of downtown on Tuesday morning. 

No one was hit or hurt, but for the second time in two and a half years RTD management has been put in the position of having to explain just how one of its drivers could do such a thing. 

"This shouldn't have happened," RTD spokesperson Scott Reed said. "We were very fortunate." 

Reed said the driver got onto the northbound HOV lanes at 19th and Wynkoop near Coors Field at a place where there are no gates. 

"We know based upon our initial investigation that we need to do something to modify the signage there," Reed said. 

For example, one sign suggests the Bus-HOV lanes are open from "5AM - 10AM Mon-Fri." That entrance puts bus drivers into the northbound HOV lanes, but at those times the HOV lanes are only open in a southbound direction. 

"So it's unclear as to what direction of travel we're talking about," Reed said. 

The HOV lanes were closed for about an hour while Colorado State Patrol officers and Denver Police officers worked to turn the long bus around. 

In 2010, 9News did a number of stories of another wayward driver who traveled for a few miles at roughly the same time in the same spot. No one was hit or hurt then either, but an investigation recommended a series of changes in training and in the bus dispatch center in order to try to prevent the precise thing that happened on Tuesday morning.

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