Indiana Security Footage of Intruder Stealing Camera

3:40 PM, Feb 8, 2013   |    comments
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Terre Haute police are looking for a "Masked" intruder.The intruder walked into an "Indiana State University" fraternity house... Ripped-Off the security camera that was capturing his every move, but failed to grab the digital video recorder!

These pictures were captured at the "Sigma Tau ('taw') Gamma" Fraternity House  at four in the morning on Tuesday, January 29Th.

This is an interior camera, On The second floor of the frat House.
The intruder tip-toes by, in a hooded sweat shirt, and sock hat.

Tugs on a couple Doors  goes back down the hallway  then returns, minus  his disguise!

As the thief reaches up and snatches the camera, he looks straight into the camera.

Source: CBS News


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