Kansas Man Creates Fiber-Optic Football Turf

2:37 PM, Feb 5, 2013   |    comments
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 -- Have you ever had an idea and thought it could be the next big invention? A Wichita man says his idea could go all the way to the Super Bowl.

When you watch a game at home, its easy to see the line for a first down because it's lit up on your screen. Fans at the field don't get that view. That may change thanks to an idea from Wichitan Lyle Suhr.

"It's limitless what you can do with this," Suhr said. "It's like a giant screen TV underneath the football field."

His product is called Electrafield. By adding high intensity multi-colored LED lights and fiber optic technology to the turf, stadiums could project images on the field to mark lines, show fans statistics or even help celebrate a score.

"It feels like real turf," Suhr said. "A player can fall on these. They bend any way that a player can go."

"We also see this for not just football, but baseball, soccer, other sports that require similar types of fields," said Suhr's partner Mike Alderson.

This work is much different from their day to day job of selling pipes and fittings at wholesale through Best Supply.

"This is a little bit outside of the box, yeah." Alderman said.

But their hard work on this project is paying off. They just got a patent, now they're hoping to convince the industry to use it.

"There's approximately 26,000 football fields in America, and I'd like to see it in most of those fields," Suhr said. "I hope the NFL picks it up, I hope the NCAA picks it up and also the highschool level."

Both men have just kicked off a new social media campaign, to get their product to the next level.

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