Rio De Janeiro Street Party Exclusively For Dogs

7:35 AM, Feb 4, 2013   |    comments
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The Blocão has been running for 11 years, and it's the only carnival street party exclusively catering to dogs.

According to Adison Campos, one of the block party organizers, the Blocão has been a huge success with the local community and their pets.

"We have more and more success each year. It keeps getting bigger and we continue to add more things to it, so people can feel more comfortable," he said.

This year, some dogs were even given non-alcoholic beer that tasted like meat.

For this pet stylist, the Blocão is a great opportunity for pet owners to show off the love they have for their animals.

"They are like kids to me and my family, and I treat them like children, they have a wardrobe, everything, they sleep with us, they are the apple of our eyes. They might not look like they are enjoying it, but they are because they are with and surrounded by friends," she said.

Some animal rights groups, however, argue that a carnival party for dogs poses a threat to their well-being.

Campos rejected that argument, saying local pet owners visit the beach regularly with their animals.

"I can't see anything that poses a danger to the animals. After all, they go out to the beach everyday, are surrounded by different noises and other pets and it doesn't have affect them. You can see that they're happy here," adds Campos.

The Blocão was one of the 50 carnival street parties taking place in Rio de Janeiro this weekend.

More than six million people are expected to come to streets of Rio de Janeiro to take part on the hundreds of carnival celebrations scattered throughout the city during the month of February.













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