Rooster Takes Stroll Through Downtown Indianapolis

9:35 PM, Jan 10, 2013   |    comments
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Animal control was called in Indianapolis when a rooster took to Monument Circle to walk and crow until he was captured.

There's no word on how long the rooster had been out there, or to whom it belongs. Animal Care and Control officers scooped up the bird about 10 a.m. after Department of Public Works staffers tried for 20 minutes to catch him.

Adam Garrett, spokesman for Animal Care and Control, said the rooster would be held at the center for four days to see if an owner comes to claim it. If not, Garrett will work with a rescue partner to get the bird out of the shelter.

As for why the animal appeared Downtown, Garrett could only guess.

"We get calls on stray livestock from time to time. Not sure why," he said. "Chickens are becoming more popular with people wanting to produce their own eggs at home."

The rooster appears to be a crossbred mix, said Doug Akers, an agriculture and natural resources educator at Boone County Purdue University Extension Office.

"It's standard size," he said. Akers said it might be part-Plymouth Rock, a rooster and chicken breed, but "it doesn't really match that color pattern or the body type entirely."

Joe Schneider, founder of Central Indiana Poultry Enthusiasts, said chickens are popular in Indianapolis for people who want fresh eggs or an unusual pet.

"Primarily, they are just backyard pets," he said. "I'd be willing to bet (there are) at least 500 or more chicken owners in Indianapolis. It's just a unique farm pet."

That's chickens. Roosters, he said, are a bit more uncommon.

"There's not much value in a rooster," he said. "Roosters really have two values: breeding and eating. Most of the folks in my club do not have a lot of roosters."

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