Fla. Drug Suspect Flushes Confession Down Toilet

12:14 PM, Nov 24, 2012   |    comments
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Lakeland, FL -- A Florida man wanted on drug charges saw a toilet as his only savior. Well, it didn't answer his prayers.

Polk County deputies say 30-year-old Patrick Townsend confessed to trafficking methamphetamine--and then flushed the detective's recorder down a toilet.

Officers found Townsend driving with 32.4 grams of meth in his boxers during a traffic stop Wednesday.

Detectives say Townsend confessed, claiming he usually deals his meth in much larger quantities. One of the detectives recorded the confession, but left the recorder on a desk. Townsend grabbed the recorder, according to deputies, and hid it in his armpit.

He then asked to used the bathroom and flushed the recorder down the toilet.

An arrest affidavit says that when the detective looked for the recorder, Townsend mocked him by saying: "Tighten up on your job, homie."

Deputies put Townsend in jail without bond Saturday and charged him with meth trafficking and destroying evidence.

The Associated Press

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