Skunk Sprays TV Station Tower, Knocks Them Off Air For A Day

5:44 PM, Nov 15, 2012   |    comments
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Colorado Springs, CO-- There are many reasons a televison station can go off the air after interference from an outside source.

But a skunk?

Yep! A skunk is being blamed for WXRM TV in Colorado Springs being knocked off the air for nearly a day on Sunday, Nov. 11.

According to reports, it happened after a skunk was apparently burned by equipment and took his anger out on the equipment.

The skunk then sprayed the transmitter causing a breaker to trip.

The transmitters, which send signals for TV, radio and cell phones and other things, are nestled among the trees at the top of Cheyenne Mountain. Sunday night, Roger Perales told reporters he got a call about the transmitter and drove to the tower.

Perales said he smelled skunk as soon as he got to the building.

The problem was the skunk had already made its way inside for what station managers assume was a warm place. Unfortunately for the skunk, he got a shock while fumbling through some wires, and as skunks do when they are rattled, they spray.

Perales said he thinks the skunk sprayed the transmitter causing it to fail.

Despite the smell, Perales still had to fix the transmitter. He said the skunk then simply walked out of the building.

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