Lemonade Stand Fined By A Maryland Inspector Reopens In New Location

7:39 PM, Jun 19, 2011   |    comments
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Montgomery County, MD -- A kids' lemonade stand that was shut down and fined $500 last week, was allowed to re-open.

An inspector in Montgomery County, MD fined the stand as he enforced rules to prevent vendors from turning upscale neighborhoods around the US Open into a shopping bazaar.

The kids were trying to raise money for justtryanit.com, an organization raising money to battle pediatric cancer.

The kids were allowed to re-open their stand, in a new location. They moved off the corner, where there were concerns about traffic and safety. In exchange, the county waived the $500 fine.

Customers who found the stand were happy to cough up $2 a drink. The county still maintains the stand is a non-permitted concessionaire.

WUSA - Washington, DC

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