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8:05 AM, Nov 25, 2009   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - Tomorrow Triad families will sit down for a big Thanksgiving meal, but WFMY News 2's Tracey McCain is sure to be counting carbs and calories as usual.

About one year ago, Tracey took on a very public weight loss challenge.  And now that it's over she's sharing her story.

I lost 43 pounds by working out and eating right.  It sounds cliche, but that's really how I did it.

It's been a long road and no one knows Tracey's progress better than her trainer Jason Davis.

"All right Trace!  Let's Go, Let's Get It!"

I absolutely dread hearing that phrase more than anything.  But I know I need that extra push to keep me going.

"With Tracey, it's more of a mental struggle with whether or not she can complete some exercises but she's done wonderfully," said Jason Davis, fitness director at Gold's Gym on Battleground Avenue.

Mental is right! I topped the scales last november at 200 plus pounds, never realizing I needed to lose weight.

"Positive self-image goes a long way," said Davis.  "That just means there was no difference in Tracey's personality to how you are now."

"If I'm not mistaken, Tracey has lost about 35 pounds since we've been working together," Davis remembers.

I lost 10 pounds on my own before training with Jason at Gold's Gym in July.  And that's when the weight really starting coming off.

"It's always a life-long commitment and I'd want to have her for the rest of her life, but realistically she's been training with me for about 6 or 7 months now. I think for her goal another 6 months before she's totally happy with what she sees. And from that point it will just be about maintaining."

A healthy diet, exercise five days a week and a positive attitude can take you a very long way. 

To be completely honest, I feel so much better.  And though Jason says I have 15 more pounds to go, I'm already proud of all my accomplishments.

"In the long run, Tracey has to look in the mirror and like what she sees," said Davis. 

Seeing those pictures prior to my weight loss is such a shock because I never knew I was that out of shape.  And as it turns out, through my own success, I've been able to inspire so many in the community.  I have close to 50 viewers who I consult with every week about their weight loss and that's really what makes this meaningful to me.

Join my Weight Loss Challenge by visiting my blog.  Click here



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