Kenny G Explains Why He Invested In Starbucks

7:42 PM, Apr 8, 2009   |    comments
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Chicago, IL - For all of you who can't get moving in the morning without your Starbucks, Kenny G would like to thank you. He was an original investor in the company. He came into his first bit of money when his "Duotones" album took off. His uncle wanted him to listen to a man named Howard Schultz about his coffee company idea, based in Kenny G's hometown of Seattle.

Kenny G says he didn't know anything that Schultz was talking about, but he knew Schultz was a winner. Schultz is now the CEO of Starbucks. Kenny G won't talk dollar figures, but he says he's made about as much money off his Starbucks stock as he has in music. The irony: Kenny G doesn't drink coffee. He says he loves the smell but he's never had a cup.

Associated Press

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