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The Division Of Politics Has Worsened In The Last Four Years

12:16 PM, Sep 6, 2012   |    comments
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Charlotte, NC--  It doesn't take long to notice the angry rhetoric of politics. It's obvious that republicans and democrats are not working together.

New 2's Liz Crawford looked into this issue and found that this is the worst it's ever been.

According to USA Today, the current congress has only passed 2% of the proposed bills. That's just 69 bills out of 3,900 proposals. It's the least productive congress since World War II.

News 2 talked to former CBS anchor, Dan Rather about this issue on Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention. He's covered 29 conventions and says the past 4 years has been especially harsh.

Dan Rather said, " Not in my lifetime have I ever seen congress so ossified into highly partisan, deeply ideological opposite positions where they have their version of gridlock."

This divided strategy trickles down into mainstream. The anger is up and down the newsfeeds of facebook during political season. Americans aren't afraid to rip each other apart over politics.

Omar Ali is a political science professor at UNCG. Ali said, " Their strategy is to keep America divided because in a divided America, they can in some ways control things much more so it's, there's a fight going on in America between the vast majority of us, the people verses the two major parties."

Ali also explained that the contentious system might work for now, but it's going to have to change. In North Carolina, two out of three new voters are registering as unaffiliated. The huge division in parties won't work with this new generation of unaffiliated voters.

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