Future Car Technology Includes Talking Cars

5:10 PM, Feb 3, 2014   |    comments
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CBS -- The government wants to make driving safer by making our cars smarter.

Cars that talk to each other may sound like science fiction but they could be on the road in the not too distant future. The Department Of Transportation wants cars outfitted with vehicle to vehicle or V2V technology in the next ten years.

Many cars already have sensors that can detect other vehicles up close. V2V goes a step further as radio waves allow cars to communicate with one another and avoid potential accidents.

Ford is already testing the technology. The driver is warned about an impending collision with a car they can't see.

The Obama Administration is working on rules to eventually require auto makers to equip their cars with V2V. Several car companies are testing autonomous cars that drive themselves.

There are privacy concerns with this new technology - but the Obama Administration says the V2V cannot be used to track a driver's whereabouts.

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