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Radio Station Provides Voice For Syrian Opposition

7:58 PM, Jan 2, 2014   |    comments
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Soumeya and Mohamed are delivering their latest (twenty-minute) news bulletin for the radio station 'Al Kul' and their top story today is an aerial bombardment in Aleppo which left almost 80 people dead.

These Syrian journalists are in fact based in Istanbul in neighbouring Turkey. Ahmed, who used to work for a radio station in Syria before the war, says there are benefits to being broadcasting from outside the country.

But getting that voice heard takes a technical ingenuity and more than a little bravery.

The recorded programmes are sent via the internet to activists on the ground who broadcast them across seven opposition-held provinces via small illegal radio transmitters.

The station does not aim to be the voice of armed revolutionaries. As well as news, it covers health, the economy and programmes for children.

Funded by French and American NGOs, it's certainly close to the Syrian opposition coalition, which also has its headquarters in Istanbul, but its twelve staff members say they are editorially independent.

They say that some hundred thousand people in Syria listen to Al Kul - and with no end to the war in sight, the next challenge for the station is to broadcast live directly from Istanbul, and to try and increase its reach throughout the country.

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