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Trooper Car Crushed By Truck In Indianapolis

8:33 AM, Nov 7, 2013   |    comments
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Indianapolis, IN  -  Seargent Terry Treone of McCordsville and Senior Trooper Bill Dalton walked away from  their marked car that was left crunched like aluminum foil, after an accident at 2:30 Tuesday afternoon.

The officers described what happened. "We were coming up in the left lane... the semi that was in the second lane to on our right, started to veer over into our lane. "  But as Treone drove up next to the truck, they saw the drivers head was down.

"As soon as billy made the comment that he thought that he was asleep he followed it up with he's coming at us, he's gonna hit us. " The truck clipped their back tires, bouncing them into the concrete barrier and back across all lanes.   "But a few seconds, all kind of different thoughts going through your mind, as you're sliding across the interstate."   

And when they came to a stop, underneath the truck.   I looked at him and I said, you okay... and he said, yeah, get out." 

With fluids flowing from the truck, they say good samaritans pulled the truck driver from his cab... as for Dalton and Treone, as soon as they got out of their car, they got to the business of handling the emergency, they had just walked out of. 

"We're fortunate that it... to walk away from a crash with this kind of damage. " 


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