Man Catches On Fire, Dies At Nursing Home In Chicago

9:29 AM, Oct 1, 2013   |    comments
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CHICAGO -- A man died at a nursing home in Chicago after catching fire while smoking a cigarette. CBS Chicago says workers used a fire extinguisher on him and left him outside.

The incident happened at Lake Shore HealthCare and Rehabilitation Centre. The victim's sister, Lisa Couch, said her brother, Michael Lewis, was nearing the end of his stay at the facility. She said he was burned from his mid-thigh to his eyebrows.

Security footage obtained by CBS Chicago shows Lewis smoking in a designated area on the patio. The lighter in his shirt pocket caught on fire. Residents outside tried to help Lewis, but were unsuccessful.

Lewis went back inside.

The video shows the workers spraying him with a fire extinguisher and then roll him back outside. His smoldering body, covered in foam, sat motionless. More than five minutes later, according to CBS Chicago, a worker brought an oxygen tank out to Lewis.

State nursing home regulators told CBS Chicago that spraying someone directly with an extinguisher is against the rules.

An emergency response expert, Dr. Stanley Zydlo, reviewed the footage and told CBS Chicago the workers could have taken several different steps to help Lewis: including covering him with a blanket immediately. "We don't see anybody evaluating him or doing CPR for him," said Zydlo.

CBS Chicago says the home was cited for failing to train staff in emergency procedures.

Source: CBS Chicago

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