NJ Gov. Christie Pledges Aid To Boardwalk Fire Victims

7:18 AM, Sep 15, 2013   |    comments
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SEASIDE HEIGHTS - Laura Bee's, a game of chance that's stood on the Seaside Heights boardwalk for 20 years, was in the last building to catch fire Thursday, co-owner Robert Brower of Seaside Heights said.

"We sat there and watched it the whole time. ... We didn't think it was going to happen," Brower, 40, said, who owns Laura Bee's with his twin sister, Laura Brower, "not really realizing the wind was going to change, and the fire was going to come back and hit our building."

Now the business, including $50,000 of sports memorabilia prizes they kept for winning customers, is in ruins. You can see right through it to the other side, Brower said in disbelief.

"We had an opportunity to go in there and get it, but who would have thought," Brower said. "With all the fire personnel there and all the water, you thought it would have been contained and controlled immediately. But then the next thing you know ... you just see the embers flying in the air ... then everything's catching on fire simultaneously. It was unbelievable ... like something out of a movie."

Gov. Chris Christie toured the fire damaged area Saturday and has promised $15 million in aid to help business owners. Firefighters haven't ruled on a cause of the fire.

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