Man Receives A phone Call From Pope Francis

2:40 AM, Sep 11, 2013   |    comments
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London, UK  - Pope Francis is known for his friendly demeanor and down-to-earth style.  Lately, he has earned himself a new nickname for his new method of getting in touch with the faithful.

42-year old Me-Kel-le Fer-Rhe says he wrote a letter to the Pope from his wheelchair, in a moment of rage.

 Me-kel-le told CBS News the Pope called him at his home in Italy last month, for a ten minute chat.

Then there were news reports out of Argentina, about the Pope responding to a rape survivor's letter. Francis told her to have faith in the justice system.

Vatican officials worry pranksters may pretend to be the Pope and mislead the faithful.

 But followers are thrilled at the possibility they could be next to receive a higher calling .

The Pope also reportedly called his old newspaper stand in Argentina himself just days after he was named Pope, to cancel his daily delivery.


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