Maine Governor Denies Calling President Obama A Racist

10:20 AM, Aug 21, 2013   |    comments
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Augusta Maine-- Did he say it or didn't he? That was the question being asked around Augusta Tuesday.

The Portland Press Herald had an explosive story -- saying the governor told people at a fundraiser that President Obama hates white people.

The Portland Press Herald broke the story that the Governor made the claim, citing two anonymous republicans said the governor said the president was racist.

But the paper cites two unnamed sources and no names ones

NEWS CENTER made calls on the story all day and have yet to confirm it. In fact, three people who said they were at the party told NEWS CENTER they didn't hear it.

The governor allegedly made these remarks during a private fundraiser at the Belgrade home of John and Lisa Fortier. He spoke to the group informally for about 10 minutes. And that's when, according to the paper's sources, he said the President "hates white people."

As he was leaving the State House Tuesday, LePage told NEWS CENTER, "I never said that. You guys are all about gossip."

The governor's communications director, Adrienne Bennett said the governor did speak about the President, but he didn't say what was reported in the paper.

Source: WCSH6

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