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Dogs Dying Mysteriously In One Georgia Neighborhood

8:28 PM, Jul 13, 2013   |    comments
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POWDER SPRINGS, Ga -- Cobb County Animal Control is investigating the mysterious deaths of two different family's pets and the illnesses of two others. The owners believe their dogs were poisoned.

The families who own the dogs say there are too many coincidences. They all live next door to each other on Yoshino Terrace in Powder Springs. They're dogs got sick around the same time and they found evidence that suggests someone may have fed something to their dogs.

Eleven year old Kiana Thompson wondered who would want to hurt her dog Sunshine. "How could they not know how that would feel?" she asked. "And just to know that someone could do this, what else could they do?"

Ty Thompson said Sunshine became ill on July 1, 2013. "She was unable to stand for any extended period of time," he said. "Her feet would come right out from underneath her."

His next door neighbor Genesis Ortiz experienced the same thing with her dog Robbie four days earlier. Robbie has been with her family for 11 years and was her sister's dog. She said her sister passed away two months ago. "Maybe something's happened to them to take it out on our dogs," she said. "It would have to be somebody really heartless and maybe they need help."

Two other dogs across the street also became ill. Lizeth Quiroz said her two dogs Balto and Brownie became ill on July 8, 2013. As soon as she saw the symptoms she took her dogs to the vet because she knew what happened to her neighbors dogs. Balto and Brownie survived. "The vet took them to the back and gave them a shot," she said. "It was an anti-biotic."

All three neighbors are convinced the dogs were fed something that made them sick intentionally. "I'm convinced that there is somebody that has no soul or sympathy for an animal lover," Quiroz said.

All four dogs became sick within a little over a week. The found three paper plates up next to the fences where their dogs played.

Quiroz said the vet told her the symptoms her dogs experienced were similar to being poisoned.

"It's got to be somebody that just has no thought or concern for the amount of love that these animals bring to these families," Thompson said.

Cobb County Animal Control is investigating the mysterious deaths and illnesses. They say it is very hard to solve cases like this because it is hard to prove who did it.

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