Michigan Man's Flooded House Looted by Neighbor Who Cut Himself In The Break-In

10:12 AM, Apr 23, 2013   |    comments
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Comstock Park, MI-- The flooding itself isn't just causing a lot of damage. At least one Comstock Park family is also dealing with looting.

The Grand River's high waters forced many homeowners to evacuate. Bruce Ling says that gave his neighbor the opportunity to completely ransack his home.

"That's my house all boarded up," Ling said, pointing to his Abrigador Trail home from a small motor boat.

Ling thought he was in the clear from the murky, rising floodwaters surrounding his home. He put his house on milk crates. "He knocked everything over off the milk crates."

Ling is referring to his neighbor, and takes down a few boards to show us the damage.

"The only way he would have gotten in is because of flooding and because we weren't home," Ling explained.

Ling says he came home to the scene over the weekend, after being evacuated Thursday. "Everything in this house is destroyed. This fellow took everything out," he said. "Children's drawings from K through college, great-grandparents heirlooms, paperwork."

But he says this isn't the first time the man has caused trouble. "He's been a pain to this neighborhood since he moved in," he said.

Ling says the man cut himself badly inside the home and a blood sample led to his arrest.

Meanwhile, Ling and his wife are staying in the basement house of a friend, trying to figure out where to go from here. "Starting over at age 56 is a hard thing," he said. "What we miss most is our memories."

Ling says his neighbor is currently sitting in the Kent County Jail on charges of felonious assault and pending charges of malicious destruction of property and home invasion.

Source: WZZM

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