Boston Bombing Suspects' Uncle Speaks After Nephew's Capture

1:27 PM, Apr 21, 2013   |    comments
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Montgomery Village, MD -- When the Boston Marathon bombing suspects uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, first heard that his nephews were involved.

But a day after one of his nephews was captured, he has a different tone.

Tsarni says he is happy Dzhokar Tsarnaev, 19, was alive when apprehended in Watertown, so he could seek forgiveness from the victims.

On Saturday, he mourns the victims as he has from the beginning and says there will be a time to mourn for his family. He considered himself to be a second father to Tamerlan who was killed in a shootout with police early Friday.

Earlier this week, Tsarni felt anger for what his nephews did. But the conclusion of the unprecedented manhunt changed his tone, with the elder brother Tamerlin Tsarnaev dead, the younger suspect found hiding in a boat.

He said: "I saw his helpless body, he's a victim to himself."

Tamerlan had lived with his uncle for a short time. But their families severed ties in 2006 over conflicts with the children's mother and how they were being raised.

It was in 2009, Tsarni noticed Tamerlan had changed. During a confrontation, the uncle says Tamerlan was chanting religious phrases.

"I didn't recognize the young man who lived with me. I loved him. I wanted him to be a brother to my children."

He believes Tamerlan was brainwashed and used his younger brother to commit evil.

"He wasted his life, Tamerlan wasted his life and used the life of his brother."

When asked what he would say to his nephew now, Tsarni says: "I would say as soon as you can speak up, turn your voice to the families of the four and everyone who was injured," he said. "And secondly say everything you can about who manipulated you."


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