Farmers Organize Frog Wedding

8:16 PM, Apr 6, 2013   |    comments
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Guwahati City, India -- Farmers in Katabara area in Guwahati city of India's northeastern Assam state organized a wedding of two frogs on Friday (April 05) to please the rain gods in wake of the drought, which has hit the area.

People blew trumpets and sang songs, as the priest solemnized the marriage by chanting  Hindu hymns and putting streaks of vermilion on the female frog's forehead.

The wedding was performed to the resonance of Vedic hymns recited by the priests as per traditional Hindu marriage rituals.

"There is acute scarcity of water in the Guwahati region of Assam and that is the reason why every year we marry frogs," said a farmer Rajesh.

The locals who participated in the ceremony rejoiced as the two frogs got married.

The frogs were picked from different ponds, following the local belief among the farmers in this part of India that a frog marriage pleases the Rain Gods and ensure a good harvest.

The frogs identified as Jonki and Panoi were given ritual bath and the priest thereafter performed the rituals which are followed in Hindu marriage.

Locals hoped the marriage would help in bringing to an end the dry spell, which the region was experiencing.

"We are facing an acute shortage of water in our area due to insufficient rainfall since many years. Hence, people of the religion have gathered to marry the frogs," said a local Sushma.

The wedding of frogs are organised in many parts of the city, some people use artificial frogs and at some places real frogs are also got married.

Many people participated in the wedding ceremony.

The wedding was performed to please Lord Indra Dev, the divine figure regarded as Lord of rain by Hindus so that he showers rain.

With temperatures soaring high and monsoons playing truant in northerneastern and western parts of the country, people are praying hard for rainfall.


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