Six-Year-Old Natalee Dials 911 To Save Her Mother's Life After A Brain Aneurysm Rupture

3:04 PM, Mar 16, 2013   |    comments
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Fresno, California - Steffani Harris, a mother of three young children, has limited vision these days. However, she's happy to live through a blur, because at least she has an opportunity to watch her kids grow up.

Three weeks ago, Steffani and her six year old daughter natalee stopped to air up the tires on her car. As Steffani crouched down to inflate one of them, a sudden strange feeling caused her to drop the hose. "And when i stood up it was almost indescribable the pain that went in my head. I heard like a pop in my head."

Luckily her car door was open. She climbed in and sat down, too weak to reach for her phone. She turned to Natalee for help. Steffani said, "I just told Natalee I think something is wrong with mommy. I have a really bad headache and i feel like I'm going to pass out." Natalee quickly made her way into the convenience store and explained the situation to the clerk and he helped her call 911.

Paramedics showed up and rushed her to the hospital.
"They did one CT scan on my head and came in about 15 minutes later and said there's a lot of blood on your brain."
Steffani was then driven three hours north to UCSF Medical Center where brain surgeons operated on her.

The chief neurologist there even presented natalee with a certificate of bravery for coming to the aid of her mother in her time of need. The award is so powerful, Natalee has decided on a career change. "I was thinking of being a teacher, but then this happened and I was like, I should be a doctor."













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