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Minnesota Photo Business Can Not Use Radio Control Aircraft

10:14 AM, Mar 15, 2013   |    comments
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Brooklyn Park, MN -- As the debate in Washington heats up over the domestic use of drone aircrafts, one Twin Cities company has already been grounded.

The Federal Aviation Administration told the EideCom company that it would have to stop flying unmanned aircraft for photographic purposes. 

The owners of that company say their radio controlled aircraft are both safe and reliable and never fly high enough to be a threat to aviation safety.

But what has them so frustrated is that a growing business is suddenly ground to a halt. 

"We should make clear from the start, the radio controlled aircraft we're talking about are far different from the Military drones used in warfare".

In fact, the hovercraft and helicopters EideCom operates, are the same aircraft that amature flying clubs use on weekends.
But since it's for pay not weekend fun, it's not allowed! 

Charles Eide and Mike Danielson have been flying radio controlled aircraft since they were kids.To where their video and photo production business took a huge leap when they began taking on aerial work.

Mounting cameras to the craft gives customers a bird's eye view of construction sites, city attractions...and especially, real estate.


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