Polygraph Used To Screen For Racism By Police Chief Shane Sullivan In Coopertown, TN

8:27 AM, Mar 8, 2013   |    comments
  • Chief Shane Sullivan, Courtesy: Tennessean
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Coopertown, TN -- The chief of a small-town police department in Tennessee says racists aren't going to want to be on his force once they find out they can't get hired without taking a polygraph. 

Coopertown Police Chief Shane Sullivan says the test doesn't ask people if they're racist -- only if they've committed race-based crimes.   

Still, the police chief of this Robertson County city of 4,000 said several officers who previously expressed interest in a job didn't call him back after finding out they had to take a polygraph.   

The department was disbanded for several months last year after an officer was recorded using a racial slur to describe a black motorist. The town previously made national headlines as a notorious speed trap that targeted Hispanics and out-of-town drivers.

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