Richland, SC Deputy Who Was Shot Said It Felt Like A Bee Sting

5:40 PM, Mar 6, 2013   |    comments
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SC Deputy, Sheila Aull

Richland County, SC-- One week after being shot after responding to a domestic violence call, Richland County Sheriffs Deputy Sheila Aull saw the vest that saved her life for the first time.

"I called out a 10-3 which is basically when you feel uncomfortable in a situation and everyone on the channel is supposed to be quiet," said Aull when describing her arrival on the scene.

I just so happened to be at the right place at the right time," said Aull. "A female came out of her apartment and I told her to go back in and she said, 'I think the person you're looking for is in my apartment'."

The person turned out to be suspect Adam Jurgen, 24, who police say later shot Aull in the chest.

"It felt like a bee sting," said Aull. "My instant thought was a bee sting. Then in a moment I thought 'did I get grazed?' Then, it ticked me off. I felt like a pit bull on a chain wanting to go."

Sheriff Leon Lott says the bullet proof vest saved her life. Lott says he requires all deputies to wear the vests that cost the department $650 a piece. The vests are custom fit to each deputy and replaced every 5 years.

"I heard a number of deputies saying 'Sheila, are you hit? Are you hit?' I said 'I don't know. It feels like a beesting," said Aull. "A swarm of law enforcement surrounded me, almost like angels."

Aull says the shot that hit her was fired from one and a half car lengths away.

"I thinking about the family of the victim and I pray for them," said Aull. "I am sorry but it had to be done."

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