Pet Owner Shot After Dog Runs In Front Of Car In Florida

1:57 PM, Feb 21, 2013   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, FL-- With a bullet wound in his knee, Peter Harbachuck is laid up in bed, simply because he took his dog, Bella, for a walk.

Last Friday night, Peter and is wife, Annie, were walking Bella on 88th Avenue North in St. Pete when she slipped her collar and ran into the street, forcing a black pickup to slam on its brakes. The female passenger got out of the truck and verbally ripped into Annie.

"The girl just started yelling and screaming, 'Why don't you keeping your dog on a f****** leash.' She said it over and over, I think, said it 20 times," said Annie.

What happened next, Annie said, was surreal.

"The girl got back in the truck. Then the guy got out of the truck from the driver's seat, and he walked around the front of the truck, and Peter was gonna go and meet him thinking he was going to apologize for his girlfriend going off," Annie said.

Instead, the driver pointed a gun at Peter's head.

"He didn't say anything, but I said, 'Hey, it doesn't need to go down like this,' and then he lowered the gun toward my stomach. He pulled the trigger, but somewhere along the line he must have lowered the gun a little bit, because he shot me in the knee and then ran directly back into the truck," said Peter.

The truck then took off. St. Pete Police canvassed the area looking for the truck but couldn't find it. Wednesday night, police were back out with boots on the street, asking questions and on the hunt for that black pickup.

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