IN Group Proposes Separate Prom For Gays

8:41 AM, Feb 12, 2013   |    comments
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Terre Haute, IN (WTHI) -- First Christian Church in Sullivan wants the public to know that everyone is invited to this years prom. This comes after a group proposes having a separate prom for gay and lesbian students.

"First Christian Church in Sullivan Indiana doesn't promote any political or social agenda. Some individuals of our church have strict convictions which we neither officially oppose of disapprove," First Christian Church Senior Minister Dale Wise said.

Minister Wise said the phones rang off the hook all day Monday. That's because word of the separated proms got national attention.

Parents supporting the separate proms said gay and lesbian couples shouldn't be able to go to prom together.

"That's not your business to question whether or not two girls can go to the prom together," Sullivan High School Principal David Springer said.

That opinion is not shared by Sullivan high school staff members.

"It was or is a tradition here in the past that a boy and a girl always walked out to Grand March but it's never been questioned whether or not two girls can walk out and it's questioned this year and we said of course you can walk out," Principal Springer said.

All of this, because two girls wanted to attend the school's prom together. In the mix-up, someone started a petition for them to do that. It's a message that Springer believes is out of context.

"That petition was really not even needed because they didn't even ask before they started it," he said.

It's important to note: the school has no stance against a person's sexual preference or orientation. The school itself will not be banning anyone from attending prom.

Prom is set for April 27th.

"They get to buy a $300 dress and the boys get to rend $150 tuxedos and dress up and look really cute and pretty and go out to eat, have pictures taken of them and it's just something they look forward to and dream about."

Everyone is invited.

The group that used the church to meet will continue to explore alternative prom options.

Nationwide, folks have started a petition for the gay and lesbian community.

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