Cash Mob Helps Sandy Hook Recover After Shooting

8:06 PM, Jan 27, 2013   |    comments
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-- The school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December made wordwide headlines and drew media from all over the world.

The huge crime scene prompted police to block a lot of area streets, cutting access to local businesses. Some of those businesses are now fighting to get their customers and profits back.

"Like many of the other businesses we were affected by this as well because people couldn't get in and do their laundry on a regular basis," says Sharon Dohertry, owner of PJ's Laundromat. 

Sandy Hook business owners like Doherty are coming together to bring a little business back to town, because since the shooting more than a month ago business has been tough.

"Our business hasn't quite gotten back to where is was before, so were hoping with this cash mob it will bring awareness," says Dohertry.

The cash mob concept is simple, spend $20 at one of the Sandy Hook  stores, but these business owners say it's about much more than that, its about getting people back to downtown Sandy Hook.

"The hope is to bring a little happiness into the town. You know bring back some smiles and let people know that we're not going to let this bring us down," said Marci Benitez, owner of Family Fun Cuts.

Benitez says she thinks the cash mob will help, and that it's not just about her bottom line. It's about getting people back in to her salon and back into this part of town again.

Sandy Hook residents say it's good for them too.

Although Sandy Hook may never be completely healed residents say coming together for positive is a big step.


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