Facebook Page With 600 Pics Of Girls Is 'Creepy'

1:20 PM, Jan 15, 2013   |    comments
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Perry, OH (WKYC) -- A Facebook page has uploaded more than 600 photos, most of them of Perry High School girls.

The page, under the name Kole William, features photos taken from Facebook pages belonging to the girls. The most recent post was made on Friday, when the page came to the attention of students, parents, and police.

"We want to identify and locate this individual,"says Perry Police Chief Michael Shank. "We want to question him. We want to know why he did what he did. Is he a risk to our kids' safety?"

Shank has taken more than 100 calls from anxious parents and residents of the village, and has assigned two detectives full-time to finding the real identity of Kole William, and what his intentions may be in displaying the pictures of the Perry High School girls.

"It is probably not illegal," the chief told WKYC, "but it's suspicious enough that we have to find out what his motives are. Today, you always have to been concerned."

Shank, who has increased security at the Perry schools and at extra-curricular activites, says the person behind the page may be the same one who actually confronted a recent Perry graduate at her new place of work a few years ago.

"He came there with a gift and told her he was the person that had been trying to contact her through Facebook," Shank said.

The chief also said a person who may be the same man was recently seen videotaping former Perry cheerleaders at the local college they now attend.

"Understandably, there's some uneasiness and some anxiety," Perry Local Schools Superintendent Dr. Jack Thompson said, of the mood of students at the high school.

"But they know we're here to support them," he added, "and our safety forces are doing a great job."

Thompson said the Perry curriculum emphasizes the responsible and safe use of social media.

 "We hope our students are making the right decisions," he said. The district recently added the services of a national firm to advise them in the area of social media.

One of the teachers involved in instructing Perry students in that area is Coleen Moskowitz, who also has daughters in the district.

"It is kind of creepy," she admitted, and was concerned when one of her daughters' photos appeared on the Facebook page.

"I try to teach the students in my class and my own daughters how important it is to keep your privacy settings turned on, because you never know who's out there accessing your information," Moskowitz explained.

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