Deputies Caught On Video Violating High Speed Chase Policy In FL

1:20 PM, Jan 14, 2013   |    comments
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Clearwater, Florida -- New video is out of Pinellas Sheriff deputies violating the high speed chase policy which caused the suspension of several deputies for putting the public in danger. We first told you about this story two weeks ago, the video was just released Friday.

High speed chases can lead to fatal accidents like the one that occurred in Pinellas in September.

The incidents that led to the suspensions happened when deputies violated the policy three times last May and June, however, the Internal Affairs investigation was just completed a few weeks ago. Following the investigation, six members of the Strategic Enforcement Section were disciplined some getting as much as a four-day suspension.

The high speed chases took place on major intersections and through residential areas and Sheriff Bob Gualtieri says the deputies may have presented an ongoing threat to public safety.

The investigation found one deputy was driving more than 100 miles an hour on local roadways; another was disregarding traffic control devices even after losing sight of the suspect vehicles; and another deputy said a suspect hit her patrol car when, in fact, she struck the suspect's vehicle with her patrol car.

According to the Internal Affairs Report, the suspects being chased didn't present a danger to the public but the deputies could have presented a danger to the public.

Every high speed chase in Pinellas County is reviewed by a high speed chase board. If the board determines policies appeared to be violated, it passes the info to Internal Affairs where another investigation starts. Sheriff Bob Gualtieri says the office is now in the process of revising its high speed chase policy.


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