An Indiana Boy Abducted In 1994 Is Found In Minnesota With Grandparents

11:30 PM, Jan 11, 2013   |    comments
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Long Prairie, MN-- A five-year-old boy living in Indiana was abducted in 1994. He was found in Minnesota with his grandparents almost 20 years later.

19 years searching, waiting for answers, not knowing what happened to a missing 5-year-old boy. Richard Wayne Landers Jr. turned up almost 700 miles from where his mother last saw him 1994.

Twenty years ago, there was a custody battle, right before the child disappeared from his home in Indiana. Turns out, the grandparents on his dad's side kidnapped him and took him to Minnesota.

A reporter with a News 2 sister station, KARE 11 in Minneapolis talked to him. He's now 24-years-old and goes by Michael Landers, instead of his given name, Richard.

Authorities confirmed the property where Michael lives along with his grandparents.

Indiana State Police believe his grandparents took Michael and ran with him in 1994 because they weren't happy with how a custody case was going.

Richard Landers, Sr., the missing boy's stepfather, said, "We always just kept him in the back of our minds. And we believed we were never going to see him again. Until I actually get to walk up and say hello to him again...I don't know if it's going to be real."

On our sister station's facebook page, a Michael Landers posted, "For you people to jump to conclusions you should find out the whole story I was where I needed to be. My "grandparents" were in the the (sic) right."

A Bobbie Landers said, "He had been living under his "grandparents" care since he was a 6mo. old baby. He was where he wanted and needed to be to be safe and to become the man he is today. My husband & my best friend."

Michael is considering making a public statement on Monday. He is now 24-years-old and married.

The discovery happened after Michael's stepfather turned over Landers' social security number to Indiana State Police in September.

KARE 11, CBS News

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