Amy Winehouse Died From Accidental Alcohol Poisoning, Coroner Confirms

3:12 PM, Jan 8, 2013   |    comments
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London (CBS) -- Amy Winehouse spent her last moments alive...watching Youtube videos of herself, laughing, and binge drinking enough vodka to stop her breathing.

That account comes from the soul singer's bodyguard who was in her home the night she died. His testimony was re-read in the Coroner's Court in London as part of a second investigation into the soul singer's death.

The results were identical to the first inquest, death from alcohol poisoning, specifically 5-times the legal driving limit.           

Police who found the singer in her home in July 20-11 say there were empty vodka bottles scattered around the 27 year old.

The first investigation into the singer's death was thrown out because the original coroner lacked the proper qualifications for the job. 

During Tuesday's 45-minute court proceeding, testimony from Winehouse's doctor was also re-read. She says Winehouse successfully gave up drugs, had stopped drinking alcohol for nearly 2 weeks and said she wanted to live.

But her doctor also testified Winehouse started drinking again a few days before her death because she felt bored.

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