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American Airlines Announces Major Fare Changes

8:13 AM, Dec 14, 2012   |    comments
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American Airlines is offering low-fee fares -- for a price -- under a new fare structure announced Wednesday.

It's essentially bundling up many of the services and perks that airlines have been busy unbundling into separate line-item fees for several years.

The new system will give passengers the option to stick with the lowest fare available, called Choice, and pay a la carte for checked bags, preferred seating and other services and perks.

Or -- for an additional 68-dollars round-trip, a new Choice Essential option includes one checked bag, no change fees and priority boarding.

For 88 dollars, Choice Plus includes those three items, plus a 50 percent A-A Advantage mileage bonus, same-day flight change or standby and a premium beverage.

But one aviation consultant says the new structure may end up costing some passengers more for the same services.

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