Indiana Colts cheerleaders shave their heads to support coach in cancer battle

6:29 PM, Nov 26, 2012   |    comments
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Indianapolis Colts mascot "Blue" and cheerleader, Megan, challenged fans to raise $10,000 in support of Coach Chuck Pagano and his battle with leukemia.

If they met the goal, Megan would let Blue shave her head on national television. Fans were enthusiastic about the proposition and raised more than $22,000.

Megan held up her end of the deal and even brought a friend along for the ride. During the fourth quarter of Sunday's win against the Buffalo Bills, Megan and her teammate Crystal sat on the sidelines in front of a sold out crowd as Blue shaved their locks. They smiled the whole time and held hands in support of one another.

"I've just had personal experiences with people who have had cancer," Megan told Daniel Miller of 24-Hour News 8. "I've had mentors and family members and volunteer at Riley and met little girls who have lost their hair and beat cancer multiple times. Just seeing struggles they went through and how they could overcome that and still have confidence and fight this fight without their hair - they are really my inspiration for doing this."

Blue handed over the clippers to a more experienced stylist to touch-up his work before Megan and Crystal rejoined their squad and finished cheering on the Colts.

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