A Michigan Mom Was Kept On Life Support To Deliver Her Twins

6:17 PM, Apr 24, 2012   |    comments
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Grand Rapids, MI -- The last day of February was an exciting one for 26-year-old Christine Bolden.

That's the day the mother of two told her family she was expecting twins. "She called me when she found out she was having twins. And I was at Subway and I just went crazy. So glad she was having twins," said Bolden's brother, Vance Terrell.

Christine even told her brother the names she picked out for the boys: Nicholas and Alexander.

However, within 24-hours, everything changed. 

Bolden collapsed. Doctors discovered she had two brain aneurysms that burst. They blame stress in part from the pregnancy.

The real shocker came next. Doctors told her family they could save the babies. They put Christine on life support, to support their lives.

"For God to use her to have them twins very amazing. Hard to go by her bedside talking to her, very hard. I did it, rubbed and kissed her, and I was stomach talking to them," said Terrell.

Christine carried the twins for more than a month while lying brain dead. At 25 weeks Alexander and Nicholas were born through C-Section. In 2010, German researchers found only 30 similar cases dating back to 1982.

Both boys were premature. Both weighed less than two pounds. Both are still hanging on.

Christine's organs were donated to save even more lives. 

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