More Than 20 NC Laws Begin January 1

6:35 PM, Jan 1, 2014   |    comments
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RALEIGH, N.C. -- More than 20 laws take effect in the new year in North Carolina.

Emergency responders can now break into a car if they believe an animal inside is suffering or is in danger.  The law also includes provisions intended to help pet owners find lost pets and relieve overcrowding at animal shelters.

Hunters and fishermen will shell out more cash this year.
Licenses for both are going up ten dollars.

If you have an electric car, you'll be spending more money this year.  Owners of plug-in electric cars must now pay another 100 dollars annually at registration time.

Much of the tax overhaul law approved in the summer is implemented starting Wednesday. Income tax rates fall for individuals and corporations, while many deductions, exemptions and credits are going away. Standard deductions are growing. The sales tax base is also increasing slightly.

 The photo identification requirement to vote approved in 2013 doesn't begin until 2016 and could still be struck down in court. But people without qualifying IDs can obtain one for free through the Division of Motor Vehicles in the new year. Individuals and political committees will be able to give $5,000 per election to a campaign, up from $4,000.

 Plug-in electric vehicle owners also will begin paying another $100 annually at registration time. 






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