Types Of Fireworks: What You'll See On July 4th

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Now that you know how to get decent photos of fireworks, here's a handy guide to spotting the different styles. Bonus points if you can snag a picture of each type!

Peony - Perhaps the most common fireworks effect, peony shells explode in a globular fashion. Unlike chrysanthemum effects, the tips of the flame trails are usually more pronounced, and sometimes a different color.

Chrysanthemum - Also common, the chrysanthemum effect is a dense, global burst of pyrotechnic stars that leaves a trail of sparks. This trail of fire is what separates it from the peony.

Palm - Palm effects-not surprisingly-resemble palm trees. A comet star leaves a bright, thick tail (or tree trunk) as it ascends, and the flame trails from the main explosion create large tendrils that look like palm fronds.

Crossette - Crossette effects burst in a series of fast, crisscrossing patterns. This is because stars in a crossette shell are packed in a specific manner that effectively divides them into four segments once ignited.

Willow - Perhaps the most self-explanatory fireworks effect, the willow looks just like a willow tree. It explodes much like a chrysanthemum or peony, but the flame trails extinguish more slowly, which creates a willow branch effect as they succumb to gravity.

Multi-break - Also called a bouquet, a multi-break shell contains several smaller shells of various types and sizes. An initial explosion scatters the smaller shells across the sky before they burst, creating a large, vibrant pattern of random colors and effects.

Spider - Spider shells burst very powerfully, causing the flames trails to fire very quickly across the sky and then gradually ascend. The result is something that looks like the legs of a spider.

Kamuro - Named after a Japanese hairstyle, this effect maintains bright flame trails but begins to ascend relatively quickly. It gives the appearance of a boy's haircut.

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