Easy Steps To Take The Bite Out Of Bed Bugs

5:42 PM, May 28, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- This summer when you check into your hotel room, it may have another occupant: bed bugs. They're not microscopic. You can see them if you're looking for them. And just a few easy steps can keep them from taking a bite out of your fun.

The room:

Check behind the headboard. Find the laminated channel card and run it all the way around the headboard. If there are bed bugs, you are going to kick some out.

Check the corner of the mattress - inside the creases, the folds. You're looking for the bugs. Or you could see dark brown stains

If you see any of this-- you want to get another room... or hotel.

Your luggage:

Even if you don't see any bugs, still take precautions. Flinging your bag on the bed is the worst thing you can do. And don't put your laptop bag on the bed or the floor. Make up bag- take it straight to the bathroom. Chase Hazelwood with Go Forth Pest and Lawn says small bags like these are often the source of infestations because we just don't think about where we put them.

The luggage rack is one of the safest places to put you bags. Just make sure you put it away from the bed. And our expert says the closet is also a relatively bed bug free place.


First, take all your luggage, makeup cases, laptop bags --everything --- straight to the room in your house with light surfaces --- like a laundry room or bathroom. It's easier to see the bugs.

Second, dirty clothes should go straight into the washing machine and dryer. Hazelwood says, "The heat can actually kill bed bugs. So dry on high for 30 minutes."

Third, once all your bags are empty - begin checking them inside and out for bugs. "All these seams, the zippers. You're really looking in corners, crevices and any kind of sewn pockets," Hazelwood says. "Anywhere very small. A bed bug is going to be very very comfortable. Anywhere his or her body is going to be touching material on all sides."

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