Heritage House Inspections Complete: 117 of 177 Units Cited for Violations

6:50 PM, Jan 4, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- City crews have completed their inspection of all 177 units inside the Heritage House building located at 310 W. Meadowview Rd.

A group of six community members filed a petition with the city asking for the inspection to be performed in December.

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City code only requires five signatures to launch an inspection of a rental property.

According to documents released by the city crews found:

60 units passed the initial inspection and received Letters of Appreciation.

117 Units were cited for other housing code violations and issued Hearing Noticed. Hearings will be held on January 17 and will provide an opportunity for the property owners to discuss the violations with the inspectors and advise the City on how and when they plan to correct violations.

Hearings will also be held on this date for any uncured 48 Hour Notice violations.

Of the 117 units cited for housing code violations, 99 were also cited for life/safety violations.

99 units were issued 48 Hour Notices for violations considered life/safety issues. These violations included wiring exposed or unsafe (usually due to missing or inoperable smoke detectors); cooking/heating equipment unsafe; plumbing pipes or fixtures broken, burst or inoperable; and, gas/electric not on at time of inspection. 35 of these units corrected the life/safety issues as of January 4 and multiple calls are coming in daily from property owners requesting re-inspections (indicating that the violations are being corrected).

A total of 562 violations were found in the building with the most common including electrical equipment not properly installed or maintained, insect and rodent infestations, and unclean and unsanitary conditions.

Officers with the Greensboro Police Department met on two occasions with a majority interest of property owners to explore opportunities to strengthen the homeowner's association in way that will reduce crime and disorder.

Last year, GPD responded to more than 1,100 calls. In October, they responded to a murder. There have been other reports of domestic violence, vandalism, suspicious activity, fights, robberies and gunshots.

City of Greensboro

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