The Power Of One: Ninja Painter Inspires Man To Gives Homeless Families A Home

6:34 PM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- An 8-year-old continues to help homeless; one ninja at a time, his paintings have helped at least 4 homeless families.

News 2 learned about Elliot Hoppins, who paints ninjas and sells ninja t-shirts to help put a stop to homelessness, about two month ago.

"Helping the homeless is a good thing, one ninja at a time," said Hoppins.

Hoppins even inspired Michael Greco, who owns apartments. Greco purchased a custom ninja painting and offered his complex to several homless families in the area.

"I was so impressed that someone that young was doing something and not just giving money on a street corner but trying to make a difference," said Greco.

Currently, 4 homeless families are staying in the apartments with the help of Hoppins, Greco & Greensboro's Interactive Resource Center (IRC). Through a IRC's housing program, individuals are able to get a special rent rate and other offers. For more detail on housing programs, visit IRC's Website.

Greco's next step is to help Hoppins' mission to tackle homelessness in Winston-Salem.

If you would like to purchase a ninja painting, visit Elliot's website.

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