How Hurricane Sandy Impacts The Presidential Campaign

5:59 PM, Oct 29, 2012   |    comments
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Hurricane Sandy could impact the Obama-Romney campaigns in three ways: by disrupting early voting in states like Ohio, Maryland, North Carolina and West Virginia; by messing up the ground game in swing state Virginia; and by reminding voters of Romney's call, made during the Republican primaries, to end Federal disaster funding.

Jeremy Husser, a political science professor at Elon University said the storm's impact on early voting could hurt President Barack Obama. On ther other hand, he said it's also beneficial for the president because it's an opportunity to look presidential.

"Whatever losses he may face due to early voting being canceled, he will likely gain them and much more through his opportunity to sort of act like a leader," Husser said.

He also said it's not a plausible possibility that officials would postpone the general election. It would take an act of congress to change the election date.

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