GCS: McNair Elementary Should Open By Feb. 2013

4:43 PM, Oct 16, 2012   |    comments
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Brown Summit, NC -- McNair Elementary School should be open to students and staff by February 2013, Guilford County Schools announced Monday night. The school was supposed to be completed in July of this year.

Contractor Farley Associates was fired in September after it couldn't finish the job. The project's bonding company, The Hartford, hired contractor JE Dunn to finish the work. Construction workers were back on site on Monday.

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"It's definitely not a position we want to be in, but it's not one that we're going to run from either," Guilford County Schools construction director Julius Monk said Tuesday. "We're going to make sure that this project gets completed to the quality standards that we're used to."

That means JE Dunn not only has to finish the $15 million project, but it also has to re-do some things Farley didn't do well enough. So even though the school is 90 percent complete now, finishing the plumbing, flooring and electrical work will take a little extra time.

Regional superintendent Randy Shaver says students and teachers have done a good job dealing with being split up between Brightwood Elementary and Jesse Wharton Elementary while they waited for their new school.

"We don't think that the kids have missed a minute of teaching and learning," Shaver said.

And he doesn't think moving the students in to McNair during the middle of the second semester will be a problem.

"That's a legitimate concern," Shaver said. "As a parent, I would think, 'Well, is this really going to be the best thing for my child?' ... We don't think uprooting them [is] ... going to be difficult. We have a plan to practice that."

That practice plan includes busing students over to McNair before the school is opened to give the children an opportunity to explore the school and get used to being there before they move in.

A spokeswoman noted to WFMY News 2 that the new timeline could be adjusted if any other issues arise, but says the February goal is based on updates from JE Dunn. Any cost overruns for the project based on the delays will be paid by The Hartford.

WFMY News 2

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